Bonds before and after steroids

The following FAQs were extracted from an Arizona Supreme Court pamphlet, “Posting an Appearance Bond Information About Your Rights and Responsibilities”.
What is an Appearance Bond? An appearance bond, also known as a bail bond (bond) allows a person (the defendant) who is in custody (jail) to be released pending further court appearances. The purpose of the appearance bond is to guarantee the arrested person’s appearance at a time and place specified by the court. The amount of the bail bond varies with the seriousness of the charge and is set by the court.

What does bond surrender mean?
When a person is out on bail before their court date, the person who paid for the bail bond can “surrender” the person they bailed out by returning them to jail. There are a number of reasons this could occur. The bail bondsman or whoever paid for the bail bond may feel uncertain about the person showing up for court so they may want to limit their risk and surrender the person back to the jail. Each bail bondsman can have a contract in place with the person they bail out which typically includes terms on scheduled check-ins with the bondsman and possibly other requirements until the court date. Likewise, a friend or relative who bails someone out may have their own financial limitations or they are no longer in a pleasant relationship with the person they bailed out. They may “surrender” the person for any of these reasons in order to get their money back.

Can I get a free bail bond?
You can avoid the 10% bail bondsman fee if you pay for the bond yourself or have a friend or relative pay for your bail bond and not charge you any interest fees. While this technically makes the bail bond free, there can still be some non-refundable administrative fees to cover the paper work and processing.

Bonds before and after steroids

bonds before and after steroids


bonds before and after steroidsbonds before and after steroidsbonds before and after steroidsbonds before and after steroidsbonds before and after steroids